Hi, I'm Kristin

Daydream believer, 

I founded Cape Jasmine with the encouragement of my husband and best friend Ryan who makes this dream possible.  Ryan and I met in High School and have been soul mates since we fell in love.  Now we share our lives with our three daughters Claire, Victoria, and Scarlett Jane and they inspire everything.  I light candles with intentions as taught by my very Catholic upbringing and I light them to be present in the moment. I try to link my candles as I make them to an intention or a moment in time and space and have found that a small light does dispel the darkness.

I never dreamed of being a candle maker - it called out to me and I am forever grateful to share my hand poured and carefully curated products along with the joy and journey they bring me on as the days and season turn.   

Cape Jasmine is another name for the Gardenia flower which I discovered through my grandmother who shared her love of gardening with me growing up.  She didn't keep many houseplants but in my Grandfathers "home office" window was always the most perfect gardenia with a fragrance that naturally filled the room.  I love the concept that scents are linked with memory and moments and I began candle making through the COVID Pandemic in my home basement as a way to keep peace and joy in my home. 




You can buy any candle made in bulk batches - I am a one person shop  on Long Island, New York with each candle crafted in small amounts and tested to bring you a product you will truly enjoy each time you light it or just as a new addition to your décor.  


My signature candle which I bring out each spring was made with Easter in mind and inspired my triple pour signature candle making method.  For my White Tea candle I allow each layer to set and the wax to solidify before I make my next pour.  Some of my candles are multiple fragrance and some are multiple colors but I think it enhances the slow burn to halfway through see the color of the wax change or to notice a subtle difference as you enjoy our candles over time.  I was inspired by my three daughters to create three layers - as they say in Monty Python Search for the Holy Grail "Three shall be the number of the counting and the number of the counting shall be Three!"