cape jasmine

This soy wax candle company began while lives all over the world ended in the midst of the COVID pandemic 2021.  Each wick that will burn a flame from a Cape Jasmine candle is an opportunity to be thankful for the gift of life and to remember those who have gone before us and those who will be.  A candle inspires the ability to be present to a time and space an opportunity to look within and to offer what you are able to at that very moment whether it be a prayer, a meal, a glow to inspire ambition and work, ambiance to a peaceful bubble bath to end the day.  

Each candle is created with a goal of enlivening the space in which you light it and custom fragrance blends and pairings to fill your room.  Thinking of a special  fragrance to me I turned to the gardenia and named my candle co Cape Jasmine another name for the Gardenia plant.  I use a small amount of gardenia in every candle that I make.